International Drivers License – GK stationed members only

According to GK base legal office, the USAREUR license that is issued to you when you take the test on base is only valid for driving in Germany.

If you want to drive in other countries legally, you need to get an international drivers license. This is actually very easy and cheap to do.

First you need the following items:

  • NATO ID card
  • Passport
  • Your German (army issued) USAREUR license
  • Passport Photo (Print on photo paper at home or use a passport photo booth for 6€ -one is at Kaufland in GK).
  • 12,80€ cash (This price may have changes since the original posting)

Next you need to drive to the Heinsberg government office:
Valkenburger Str. 45
52525 Heinsberg, Germany

The Citizen Service Center is open the following hours: (check for updated hours/fees)

There is a parking lot next to the building for your use.

Enter through this door: 

Look to the right as soon as you enter and you will see the info/kasse and even more to the right is some cubicle style desks with seats in the aisle. Sit in one of the seats and wait your turn for one of the people at the desks. Most were young and spoke English. You will go to their desk and explain that you want an international license. At this time, present them with the above items (except the cash as you will do that later) and they will begin processing everything. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and they will then have you sign your new license (a booklet), a paper with Nato’s info on it (you sign in two places), and they will return your items (except the passport photo as it is now in your license booklet).

They will give you a yellow card and ask you to go to the Kasse and pay 12,80€. Once you have done this, take your receipt and you are done! That’s it.

Honestly, it was too easy and I always get nervous when things are that easy! Obviously, they deal with us NATO folks a lot though….

Now you may drive in the other European countries. Just be sure to bring both your Army license and your new international one with you.

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